Jan 2022


Cocolin is a company that operates nursery schools, kindergartens, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "facilities"). We provide this software to customers for the purpose of "safety" of pre-school children, "peace of mind" of parents who leave them there, and "support" of childcare workers who work there.

the "cocolin application" and a set of accompanying documents provided to facilities that use the "cocolin service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), a platform service that has functions such as storage and management of information on biological information provided by the Company and distribution of information based on the same.
This software has the following functions.
(1) Measures to establish communication between the transmitter and the tablet installed on the tablet of the facility
(2) Measures to store and manage biological information such as the ECR radio wave shape, heart rate and heart rate interval (RRI) of the wearer of smart wear wearing the transmitter and make it possible to view it on the tablet of the facility
(3) Measures to transmit biometric information received from the transmitter to the designated server
(4) Measures to receive and post the wearer's tablet from the designated server regarding the wearer's health condition, etc. In order to analyze the wearer's biological information using this software, it is necessary for the customer who has been given an ID by the Company to apply for the use of the Service and conclude a Service Use Agreement in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Service. When using this software, communication charges will be incurred for communication with the designated server.

Roles: Creative Direction , UX / UI Design , Graphic Design, Front-end Development , Back-end Development
Technologies: Swift, Objective C, C++, IoT (Bluetooth), Rest API, Websocket